Our Process

At GREG D’ANGELO CONSTRUCTION, we believe that the success of any project starts at it's inception.  The groundwork of this methodology is developed when we sign-on as your Preconstruction Manager during the design phase. 

Our preconstruction services allow for a smoother transition from the design-phase to construction.  By working early with your design team, we have the ability to optimize your project’s constructability.  This essential relationship allows us the ability to provide you with an accurate budget and schedule, achieve shorter project durations, evaluate building materials, provide value engineering options, minimize construction-phase change orders, and reduce the possibility of redesign and construction contingency costs - all resulting in cost and time savings to you. 

Every custom build is unique.  We will develop an individualized program that addresses your project’s specific needs and challenges.  Partnering with us at the beginning of your project will improve your decision-making and reduce construction risks and the need for future claims.  The result is increased efficiency and ultimately, our clients' peace of mind.

Our Team

Our experienced project managers, knowledgeable administrative staff, and reliable subcontractors ensure impeccable and timely completion of each custom build.  We are not a contracting company in a conventional sense. In addition to expertly handling the technical, financial and mechanical issues inherent in our profession, we insist on creating a positive experience for our clients.  Emphasis on their well being forms the basis of our unique philosophy. We believe that honesty and mutual trust are necessary for successful long-term relationships with our clients.

GDC's reputation extends well beyond high quality construction.  Not only have we been creating stunning custom homes on the East End, but we have also created a dedicated client following spanning three decades and counting. As evidenced by our testimonials, our clients' happiness and satisfaction is the ultimate reward.

Greg D'Angelo | President

A graduate of St. John’s University, Greg’s extensive 35+ years in custom building and restoration has enabled his company to grow into a multi- million dollar business. Greg’s success with his clients stems from his ability to help them realize their ideas and goals with the expert skills and planning necessary to see complex projects through to the end. Greg’s highly respected relationships with architects and designers enables him to ensure his clients' projects are prioritized.  The result of these partnerships is the enduring legacy left by each custom built GDC home.

David DiSunno | Vice President, Senior Project Manager

Dave graduated from Cornell University in 1992 with a degree in design. With over 22 years of experience in the construction industry, Dave incorporates his bold and practical skill set to build in ways no one else would think of.  Dave loves to push boundaries and discover new ways of doing things, making him an indispensable innovator for our clients. Dave is our Senior Project Manager, and heads our Estimating & Project Management Department.

Monika Zasada | Senior Project Manager

Monika graduated from Adam Mickiewicz University. Her infectious enthusiasm and passion for exceptional design and construction lead her to Greg D'Angelo Construction. Monika’s successful 27+ years in construction revolve around a client-centered philosophy with a focus on possibilities and a contagious enthusiasm for new ideas.

Robert Cuthel | Project Manager

Bob brings over 38 years of experience in commercial and residential construction to Greg D’Angelo Construction. Bob runs his projects with a democratic approach, and works hard to ensure every perspective is heard. This open minded approach allows Bob to see things from unconventional perspectives, and create beautiful custom homes.

Laura Andersen | Finance Director, Assistant Project Manager

Laura graduated with a Bachelor’s in Accounting and a Masters in Taxation. She spent 12 years as a public accountant before joining Greg D’Angelo Construction. There is no limit to the time and energy Laura dedicates as Finance Director. Laura truly enjoys producing accurate work, which has also translated into a passion for Assistant Project Management.

Stephanie Mamay | Assistant Project Manager

Stephanie comes to GDC with over fifteen years in customer service and a sharp, analytical way of thinking. No one is more capable of spotting a problem, drilling through the endless details that encompass the issue, and developing a viable solution for our clients better than Stephanie. Stephanie has become a resourceful team member that our Project Managers have come to depend on.

Dave Barbour | Jobsite Supervisor

Dave’s 32+ years in construction is marked by his extraordinary ability to manage and inspire others. Dave’s efficiency and clear communication are valued, his leadership is admired, and his ability to simply get things done is unrivaled. When issues arise, Dave examines every angle of the problem and focuses on not just resolving the problem, but moving the whole project forward with his solution.

Bruce Johnson | Jobsite Supervisor

Bruce’s brings his more than 33 years in the construction industry to GDC. He is a perfect example of how hard work leads to a successful career. Starting as a framer, Bruce’s focus on getting the job done as efficiently as possible, and to the highest standard of quality has brought him to where he is today. Bruce is able to combine his vision, intelligence and determination to push ideas through to completion no matter the obstacles. Bruce is a respected leader on our team.

Devin Hoelscher | Maintenance Engineer

Devin’s exceptional ability to work well with others, and natural aesthetic make Devin a trusted collaborator amongst colleagues and clients alike.  His ability to think of unconventional methods to solve any and all home maintenance matters has solidified his standing as the “go to” man for any questions that arise. Presented with any possible complication, Devin will deliver a visually beautiful solution for homeowners.

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