Our Testimonials

"Our family is truly lucky, we are blessed to be able to live in a home like this.  GDC and team have built us a magical home from the ground up that we hope will last us a lifetime and for future generations.  We are truly happy and excited to begin making new memories with our friends and family and will always mention what expertise you provided us with.  We know that it was not an easy task, but we see every bit of craftsmanship and detail in your work.  We wish you continued success in building homes like this and even bigger!!!!  Thank you very much to the whole team at GDC!!!!"

- Sandra, Eric and Adrien Ripert, Clients

"I had the great pleasure of working with Greg D'Angelo on the renovation of a 1700's beach home. It was one of the most successful and pleasant collaborations I have experienced. Not only is Greg extremely hard working and extraordinarily skilled at what he does but he is also reliable, dedicated, patient, kind to those he works for and with, unflappable, reasonable, diligent, seemingly inexhaustible and perhaps most importantly honest. It will be my great pleasure to work with him in the future. I with total conviction and resolve recommend him." 


- Sarah Jessica Parker, Client

"We had a very challenging construction project on the ocean in Sagaponack going back a couple of years. After a very lengthy and thorough interviewing and due diligence process, we selected Greg D'Angelo Construction to build our home (we also had received similar recommendations and endorsements about Greg D'Angelo Construction from friends). Selecting Greg and his team to build our home was the truly one of the best decisions we have ever made!  We could not be more complimentary about Greg and his team, their amazing quality, their professionalism and exceptional service, on time and on budget experience, their wonderful customer service and care, their overall above and beyond attention to detail and so very much more.  

A couple of years have passed since hiring Greg. Our home is now complete. We couldn't be happier with the outcome - its magnificent! and, we are now proud to consider Greg D'Angelo to be a personal friend (and it isn't too often that one ever says that about their contractor)."


- Melissa & Anthony Blumberg, Clients



"We had the pleasure of working with Greg D'Angelo for a very unusual project - the renovation of two side by side historic Sag Harbor houses and the construction of a pool house.  From scheduling to execution, every step in the process was thorough and precise.  Even with the variabilities of weather, site conditions and change orders, every member of Greg's team was up for the challenge and down for the count.  The foreman and supervisor worked hand in hand with out architect, landscape architect and interior designer.  The subcontractors brought onto the project were top rate. The workmen were meticulous in their attention to period detail and downright amazing in their ability to problem solve on site.  Though our home may appear to be pure 17th century,  we know that the construction is solid 21st century.  We recommend Greg and his team without hesitation."

- Carol Ostrow & Michael Graff, Clients



"Greg D’Angelo Construction does great quality work, for a fair price, on-time, and on-budget, with no surprises.  Plus, Greg is a gentleman, a pleasure to do business with."

- Jamie B.W. Stecher, Client

"As a real estate broker in the Hamptons, I have heard one horror story after the other regarding contractors; starts out as a honeymoon and ends up as a horror film. No shows; phone calls not being returned; workmanship quality deteriorating; on and on.  My experience with Greg D'Angelo Construction is nothing of the sort. I am impressed with all phases of my interface with them. From the beginning, when the budget and contracts were discussed to the end product - and every step in between. The professionalism and creativity of the office manager and staff, the demeanor of all people working for D'Angelo, the craftsmanship, the obvious good working relations between the contractor and his subs, the schedules set and met, all achieved with a sense of humor and keeping things in perspective. Every interaction with this group of people has met my expectations or exceeded them.  I would be very pleased to recommend Greg D'Angelo Construction to anyone seeking a contractor. A+ rating."


- Cee Scott Brown, Real Estate Broker & Client

"As multiple homeowners, we are veterans when it comes to construction. Anyone who has ever built or renovated a home knows that the very thought of it is daunting. We have survived 5 renovations and one new construction to date and I think we are done, but if we ever find ourselves in need again, there is no question that the work would be done by GDC, Inc.

After four miserable construction experiences we finally found GDC and learned that it doesn't always have to be painful.
Anyone who has ever renovated or built knows that the process is inherently problematic. There will always be bumps in the road but at those moments, GDC quickly became our solution rather than a part of the problem. They were there to correct architect mistakes, offer cost saving suggestions, and rally when one of OUR suppliers didn't come through. They did all of this in an open and honest manner. We trust them because they are trustworthy.

Their attention to detail and quality control was maintained by a job foreman who was actually there! Our calls never went unanswered and their response time was exceptional. On the few occassions when someone was late, THEY actually called us to give us notice. This is a very rare thing in the world of contractors. Generally you are left hanging only to find out that no one is coming at all.

In all of the Hamptons, GDC is the ONLY contractor we can happily recommend and we say this after working with many others. GDC is a smart company, whose employees have good taste, ran the job with efficiency and skill, and actually cared about how it turned out. We love our home!"

- Lisa Dortch, Client

"Greg D'Angelo is a pleasure to work with. Having completed several projects with Greg, it is clear that his dedication, professionalism, and personal investment result in extremely satisfied clients. It is true that attitude and service come from the top, Greg's back up staff and subcontractors share his commitment to quality and timeliness. Without doubt, Greg is well on his way to being one of the most sought after contractors on the East End."


- Russell Riccardi & Erica Millar, Architect & Client

"We selected Greg D’Angelo Construction after much consideration of several other builders.

It was Greg’s initial enthusiasm and highly personalized approach which won us over, and these exceptional qualities were maintained throughout the construction with the support of key individuals on site and in the back office.

During construction, changes to the design and execution are inevitable and Greg was able to provide perspective and expertise to adapt accordingly. The work was completed in line with the original budget and mutually agreed upon change orders.

We genuinely believe we received the highest level of professionalism, service and attention throughout the entire project. From start to finish, Greg was most committed to this job and consistently invested so much of his personal time and effort. He treated our home as if it were his own, and seems to be as proud of the final result as we are."



- Mark and Patti Renton, Clients

"Working with Greg and his team was a wonderful experience. Not only are they talented, their attention to detail is greatly enhanced by completing a project with professionalism and a high degree of customer satisfaction."

- John Michael Murphy, Interior Designer

"Greg completed two projects for us: the first house in 1997, the second one, much more significant, last year. We were so satisfied with the first experience that we did not hesitate for one minute on working with him for the second project. We knew he would apply to the project the same dedication and attention to detail that we experienced the first time. Greg and his team are professional, highly reliable, hard working, trustworthy and entirely determined to deliver the best possible result to their client. They will make building your home a successful experience."

- Sharon & Francois Teissonniere, Clients

"I have known Greg D'Angelo for about twelve years, and have worked with him on a variety of construction projects. In every case, Greg and his company, Greg D'Angelo Construction, have performed in an exemplary way. They are reliable in generating proposals and estimating costs, and in completing the work on schedule. The quality of their work is excellent - extremely neat and beautifully executed. All the personnel, both in the office and in the field, are thoroughly competent, decent, honest, ethical and in every way a pleasure to work with. I have recommended Greg to a number of high-profile clients, who have also been very satisfied with the service they have received, and several of these clients themselves engaged Greg D'Angelo Construction for subsequent jobs. I have therefore no hesitation in recommending Greg D'Angelo Construction to anyone in need of a building contractor."



- Alan Sive, Architect & Client

"Greg D'Angelo and company are as good as it gets. Honest assessments and great work, all done efficiently and on time. As far as I'm concerned they can do no wrong."

- Nathan Lane, Client

"Greg D'Angelo built my Brideghampton house 4 years ago and is now beginning construction on a new project for me.  My experience working with Greg and his staff was first rate.  They were professional, flexible and easy to work with.  The quality of the work was superb and their attention to detail was evident.  They were able to explain things in a clear and easy to understand manner which eliminated any confusion throughout the process and after the project was completed, Greg and his staff were always available to answer questions that would arise from time to time.  When it came time for another project, there was no question that we work with Greg again.  I would enthusiastically recommend Greg D'Angelo Construction to anyone who is thinking of building in the Hamptons."

- Larry Shelley, Client

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